About Harley Seeds

Alexander Harley Seeds (Milnathort)Ltd is a company located at the centre of Scotland specialising in the production of high quality cereal seeds.


Alexander Harley, a farmer's son, started his own business in 1947 selling fodder and cereal seeds direct to Farmers. Purchase of a small warehouse and a cleaning plant increased the capacity of the business and he started producing more and more seed for the Merchant Trade. Voluntary certification of Seed Oats in Scotland increased the demand from Merchants and in 1960 he took the decision to supply Merchants only.


In 1962 a large warehouse Alexander Harley Seeds (Milnathort) Ltd was purchased at Milnathort and the first continuous flow drier linked to a high capacity cleaner was installed. This allowed cereals to be handled in bulk from local farmers and, with the introduction of certification of Seed Barley, the tonnage handled grew rapidly. The business ethos of only supplying seed of the highest purity and germination enhanced the reputation with all customers.


Since inception only the best Farmers are contracted to grow seed and today they are the only Farmers that the company deals with directly. This insistence on purity and the in-house testing carried out meant that when Britain joined the European Community and compulsory certification was imposed the company could meet all the standards of the Higher Voluntary Standards available in Britain and its Customers could and still can, rely on the best standards available.


Harley Seeds.