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Spring Barley Varieties

PROPINO is a spring malting barley that has been on the Recommended List since 2010 and also has Full MBC Approval for brewing. PROPINO has produced excellent yields across all regions of the UK

RGT Planet is the highest yielding spring barley on the Recommended List that is fully

approved for brewing use. It is agronomical strong and produces excellent quality

grain, traits that have helped it become the leading spring barley in the UK.

LG Diablo is the highest yielding spring barley on the AHDB Recommended List and has outperformed other leading varieties by a significant amount in the key malting barley growing areas of the East and North regions.

KWS Sassy is fully MBC approved for malting and distilling and has the lowest screenings of any approved variety.

LAUREATE is a very high yielding spring malting barley with an excellent disease and agronomic profile. It’s a non-GN variety suitable for brewing and distilling markets.

A malting variety with full MBC approval for brewing and malt distilling

SCHOLAR is a very high yielding feed spring barley on the AHDB Recommended List 2018. It has a strong disease profile, excellent straw characteristics and a high specific weight.

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Sienna is medium in height, offering good resistance to lodging and brackling. It has a good disease resistance profile, backed up by its high untreated grain yield

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Waggon is an extremely high-yielding spring feed barley. Its high grain yield is complemented by an exceptional straw yield