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Spring Oats Varieties


WPB Elyann is an exciting new spring oat! It offers high yields and the best kernel content of any recommended varieties. It gives growers a good combination of lodging and straw strength.

With short, very stiff straw, Firth is a variety which suits growers in all regions of the UK. Combined with very early maturity, Firth has demonstrated it is ideally suited to the north of England and Scotland.

Montrose combines high yields with extremely stiff straw and early ripening.

Its exceptional grain quality should appeal to millers.

Taking yields to new levels it now sits alongside newly recommended KWS Tower, as joint top two-row for yield.

Aspen is new to the HGCA Recommended List 2015.  With yields of 108% Aspen tops the new list with yields 7% above Canyon. It has a superb specific weight and kernel content, stiff straw and is very early to ripen.

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