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Winter Barley Varieties




Sobell outperforms all of the leading two row varieties both treated and untreated and yields well in all regions

Sitting at 104% on the AHDB Recommended List, LG Flynn offers a step up in yield for 2-row winter barleys

KWS Orwell delivers a step up in straw strength and yield over existing 2-row feed varieties.

KWS Cassia has a combination of high yield and a very bold grain, making it a wonderfully reliable feed barley package.

At 106% of controls, it is 3% higher yielding than current on farm favourite KWS Cassia and produces yields that challenge those of the hybrids.

With its early maturity and ease of harvest inherited from its KWS Cassia parentage, KWS Creswell is ideally suited to the Northern farmer.

Funky is an early to mature variety with high specific weight. It's robust disease package is highlighted in its untreated yield.

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CRAFT is a very high yielding winter malting barley on the AHDB Recommended List

LG Flynn