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Winter Wheat Varieties

KWS Barrel is the high yielding, market leading Group 3 variety. KWS Barrel is very short and stiff, with good disease resistance.

Distilling and export potential, excellent yield, specific weight, early maturing and

short strawed

LG Sundance is a very high yielding soft feed winter wheat. It has a very

good disease resistance profile for the yield robbing disease Septoria tritici; an attribute considered of great importance in many regions of the UK.

Istabraw performs wells when late sown as a second cereal, and is particularly suited to the north of the UK.

LG Skyscraper offers the additional benefit of OWBM resistance; an important trait increasingly valued by growers due to restrictions on insecticide products.

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A Scottish favourite soft wheat variety, Viscount suits earlier drilling. Its bright, bold grain and one of the highest alcohol extraction levels mean it is very popular with distillers.

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Recommended for the North, KWS Jackal is the highest yielding soft wheat on the Recommended List UK wide.

Leeds performs well on light land and whilst grown UK wide, its the strongest performance is in the North where it is well proven on farm.

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Zulu has attributes that growers and end users require in a biscuit variety and is suited to a range of markets including distilling, making Zulu ideal for growing in Northern parts of the UK and Scotland.